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Greetings, Friends.

A happy new year to you all.  We’re currently surviving the cold and the wet by coming up with new ideas and making plans for the coming year.

  • Project Snowflake Playtest on Thurs 19th March
  • Tales out of Anchor Two running 5th – 7th Feb, 2016
  • Tales out of Anchor Salons for 2015
  • Seeking Performers / Updating our Address Book.
  • Vote for us in the 2015 LARP Awards!

Project Snowflake Playtest – Thurs 16th March

Project Snowflake is a regular interactive dramatic game where teams of 5 players take the roles of vital characters in a War Room during a nuclear arms race.

Will you favour the sage advice of your Engineer or are you going to throw every resource you have at your General in the hope of wiping the opposition off the map? Is your Industrialist secretly planning to win the Embezzlement Award, or does your Spy have extra information that they can’t share?

Our playtest for Project Snowflake will run at the Dukebox in Brighton on Thursday 19th of March. Doors open at 7pm for teams to collect packs and the game will start promptly at 7:30pm.

The playtest will cost £2 to attend.  We’d love to see lots of you there. Full event details are on our events page here. To book please email firecat.masquerade@gmail.com or join the Facebook group here.

Tales out of Anchor: A Game of Rise and Fall Event 2 – 5th-7th Feb 2016

Our freeform Lrp event “Tales out of Anchor” was a great success. We could wax lyrical all day about how awesome our crew and players were, but we think some of the best moments in the game are summed up by Tom Garnett. His amazing photographs and  take a look at his tumblr here.

Event Two will take place YHA Langdale in Cumbria for 5th – 7th Feb, 2016 for our second event.  We’ll be opening booking soon, so watch this space. Please encourage anyone you know who wants to attend the next game to sign up for our newsletter and join the Facebook group or event page.

In the meantime, if you attended Event One, we’d love to hear your feedback! We’ve created a quick and simple form that you can fill in at your leisure. The more you tell us, the better the next game will be.

For any other queries, or if you’d like to send us character ideas, you can email the team at talesoutofanchor@gmail.com.


Tales out of Anchor: Salons

But you don’t have to wait a whole year for the next episode in your character’s story!

During 2015 there will be one-night Salons – public or semi-public events hosted on Anchor and  other parts of the Rockery – which your characters will all be invited to. The team are looking at London venues at the moment and we encourage players to run their own events closer to their home – just find a venue and get in touch. We will bring plot, current affairs and characters to your event.

Feel free to contact us, with any ideas for venues, or if you are interested in hosting a Salon, at talesoutofanchor@gmail.com.

In two months’ time, a group of excellent players are running the first Tales out of Anchor Salon – The Skydancer Winter Festival will be hosted at Beverly Priory YHA on 13th-15th March

The Facebook page for this event is here.

Booking is via the link here.

Seeking Performers and Updating our Address Book

This year we’re looking at updating our list of contacts and addresses – if you’re a performer or a maker and are interested in being involved with any of our projects, please email us at firecat.masquerade@gmail.com.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in booking us for the coming year, or would like to discuss ideas for your party,  you can email us or visit our booking page


Vote for us in the Having a LARP 2015 LARP Awards

Nominations are open for the 2015 LARP awards run by Having A LARP – if you were at any of our events this year and would like to nominate us for an award we would very much appreciate it. Nominations close on 8th of February 2015.

You need to email your nominations to uklarpawards@gmail.com and ideally give a reason for your choices, this will help the panel decide.

Tales Out of Anchor (for example) is eligible for Best New LARP and Best Medium LARP. Our wonderful caterers Conspiracy Catering are eligible for Best LARP Caterer and Tom Garnett is eligible for the Photography Categories which need to be submitted via the Facebook page here.

We strongly encourage you to also vote for your fellow players as Player of The Year and all the hard working crew for NPC of the Year and Event Crew Member of the Year as well as the artists and makers who have made your games special this year. The event page with a full list of nomination categories is here.

The 2015 UK Larp Awards is at the Best Western Leicester Stage Hotel on the 21 February. This year it is  co-hosted by Johnny Ball. Standard tickets £7 VIP tickets £25. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are limited and you need to uklarpawards@gmail.com with your requirements, especially if you want VIP tickets.


We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming year!



-The Masquerade

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