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Tuesday 20th September, 7pm – 10pm
The Dukebox Theater, Waterloo Street, Hove

“As the RnD, Marketing and Purchasing departments of Acme™ Corporation,  you must work together to assemble and pitch madcap products.   From Instant-Anvils to  Tunnel Paint – Acme™ have got it all! “

The latest in our series of monthly games, Brighton-based events company Firecat Masquerade are pleased to present ‘ACME™,
a game of rocket-skates and falling anvils.  

Firecat Masquerade are now two-thirds through this year’s 11 Tales Of Intrigue series – a selection box of live gaming, with a different surprise each month.  In “We Come In Peace” (Brighton Fringe) audiences were asked to oversee alien negotiations, while in July they donned gloves and hospital scrubs to become junior doctors for “Toys’ Ward” - treating waves of injured stuffed toys.  

Now, Firecat Masquerade are offering players an opportunity to step into the shoes of AMCE™ Corporation employees, in our latest irreverent interactive experience – developing ACME™ inventions in The Lab and marketing them to anonymous clients with some very unusual problems.

On arrival, you’ll meet the Acme™  Customer Reps who will explain how the game works and give you everything you need in order to play.  They’ll also split you down in to teams of three – or you can rustle up two friends if you’d like to bring your own! There’s plenty of opportunity to go to the bar and socialise with other players over the course of the evening. 

“an interactive theatre game, where Casualty meets CBeebies ”
on Toy’s Ward – BN1 Magazine

Rating: * * * *
on Poker Night at the Inferno –

“Still reeling from the awesomeness”
on Poker Night at the Inferno


Part of ‘Eleven Tales of Intrigue‘ : Every month throughout 2016, Firecat Masquerade brings you a different tale of intrigue, treachery, investigation and negotiation. Hosted by the Dukebox Theatre, these experimental social games are lightweight, suitable for ages 18+ and last 2-3 hours.

You don’t need to learn any rules or prepare anything beforehand – just turn up and we’ll hand you everything that you need to play the game.

We heartily encourage you to bring your friends, make new ones, build teams, build rivalries & Play.

For more details, visit:
– Firecat Masquerade:
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