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Tales out of Anchor

A Game of Rise and Fall - Upcoming Events

Rivet! A Player Event Salon: 1st-3rd June 2018

Rivet! is a Live-Action Role Playing game set in one of the least explored areas of the Tales out of Anchor world. Expect danger and peril with opportunities to hunt big game, set against a backdrop of political and social conversation at the Hunting Lodge compound of the noble Dalvicci family. A simple combat system will be operating at this high threat event

The event is run by Simon Manby and team, at Huntley Wood in Staffordshire, with a range of sleeping and catering options available. Read more about Rivet!

A Polite Exchange: An Anchor Design Team Salon: 17th November 2018 1pm - 10pm

A Polite Exchange is an experimental Live-Action Role Playing game set in the heart of Anchor night city society. Explore accessible approaches to duelling; sizzling word play; socialite schmoozing; dancing, scheming and lots more.

The event is run by the Tales out of Anchor design team, at Shadwell Village Hall nr Leeds. It is an afternoon and evening event including dinner and a complimentary fine tea or cocktail. Read more about a Polite Exchange!

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If you wish to contact us about potential characters or if you have any queries regarding upcoming events or about the game in general, please email us at


Full copies of all the Anchor newspapers distributed at and after the first event can now be found here: LINK..

Event two newspapers are also now available on the same page.

Look: The bustling city of Anchor, floating high above the cloud-deck, chained to a salt-water sea. Beyond it lies the Rockery, a tiny world of crowded floating islands, linked only by flocks of birds and the flight of sky-ships. Beyond that, the mists, where the edges of reality blur.

Here, your fortunes rise and fall like the rock of Anchor itself.

Here, status and gossip are your tides.

Image: Rockery, by Linette Withers

Image: Shackle, by Liam Spinage

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