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Tales out of Anchor

A Game of Rise and Fall - Upcoming Events

A Polite Exchange: An Anchor Design Team Salon: 17th November 2018: CANCELLED

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel A Polite Exchange due to lack of bookings. All bookings should now have been refunded - please contact Sweet Venues for any further queries about refunds.

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If you wish to contact us about potential characters or if you have any queries regarding upcoming events or about the game in general, please email us at


We've just released the latest edition of The Gong. Produced IC a short while after Audit Day YJ102 (our 3rd Audit Day event) it rounds up SOME of the stories from that event:

* The Gong * The Lantern

Archive of previous newspapers can be read here: newspapers.

Image: Rockery, by Linette Withers

Image: Shackle, by Liam Spinage

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