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A Polite Exchange: A Tales out of Anchor Design Team Salon Event

A Polite Exchange: An Anchor Design Team Salon: 17th November 2018: CANCELLED

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel A Polite Exchange due to lack of interest. All bookings should now have been refunded - please contact Sweet Venues for any further queries about refunds.


“A duel, whether regarded as a ceremony in the cult of honour, or even when reduced in its moral essence to a form of ready sport, demands a perfect singleness of intention, a homicidal austerity of mood.”
- Captain Konrad Josef, DoMP

Members of the Inquisition, backed by the Department of Legal Observations and the Department of Health have declared the practice “barbaric”, claiming that legally sanctioned regular bloodshed has no place in a modern society. Some duelling schools have been given a little more leeway; following advice from concerned academics and a comprehensive study from Felix Vector, Dean Adam Thresh of the Department of Anatomy at Gongtredding University has made it a matter of public record that Y Capa Y Spada school is “The least dangerous of the ruddy lot and perhaps the only duelling school worth saving.”

The duelling schools of Anchor have responded by throwing a celebration of duelling culture. “All good citizens of The Rockery” are welcome, should they be able to scrape together the unconscionable price of a ticket to this prestigious event. A night of fine food, fancy footwork, wordplay, dancing and gossip awaits these resourceful citizens, as well as a chance to either show their support for duelling culture, or to take a rare opportunity to rail against it publicly - in the very heart of the raptor’s lair. The rumour mill is already grinding and it seems that some schools will be proposing non traditional methods of duelling, rediscovering old traditions or inventing new ones.

Join us for this experimental event. We start with workshops exploring new accessible duelling systems including bead bag draws, word games, dance and more. We'll add in some games and workshop activities that help build connections and characters' stories, as well as practicing safety techniques so that when the game begins with an early lamp-lighting ceremony late in the afternoon, new players and characters will be as deeply engaged as those who have been in the Anchor world for several events.

During the game, spend time duelling, dancing, eating, singing or engaging in political and social intrigue to acquire via silent auction, raffle or other method, items and documents of interest to your character, or perhaps their mentors, allies or employers.

Play your existing Anchor character, or a new one. Self designed and organiser written characters are both available. You can read more about playing multiple characters in the Anchor world here.

Event catering will have an emphasis on mouthwatering vegan food, but in a change from recent Anchor events there will also be some dairy, chicken or fish options available for those who prefer it.

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