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DRAFT - May be subject to change


  • All characters are capable of basic self defence unless they choose not to be.
  • All characters in the game have at least a passing familiarity with two of the nine schools of duelling in the setting. This grants an additional benefit in formal duels and is discussed further in Duelling, below.
  • Any character can assail another character by shouting Have at you! and role-playing an attempted attack.
  • Uncalled blows do no more than cosmetic damage, which you may choose to phys-rep as you see fit.
  • A character can choose not to defend themselves and become wounded or helpless as if struck with a Take That! as detailed below, even where the blow would normally cause no damage.
  • Players may choose/need to be non-contact during combat. Rules for non-contact players in combat are detailed below in Non-Contact.

Combat Calls

  • The event is divided in to 12 hour time-periods representing the Night City and Day City. These change over at 7pm and 7am.
  • Every character may make one call of Take That! and one call of Missed! per 12 hour section of the game. These calls represent characters’ capacities for moments of exceptional competence in attack or defence.
  • Unspent calls do not stack or “Roll over” between time-periods.
  • Some characters may have additional uses of these calls in unique circumstances.
  • If a character calls Take That! while role-playing being in an altercation with you, you have been struck a significant blow. Initially, you should role-play being visibly staggered for five seconds, and are then under the effects of being Wounded as described below.
  • If you are able to call Missed! then the call of Take That! has no effect.


  • If you are Wounded you must move no faster than a gentle walk.
  • You may choose to role-play being in pain, but it is bearable enough that you can suffer through it.
  • You cannot normally use any call other than Missed! while Wounded.
  • If you are subjected to another call of Take That! while you are Wounded and do not call Missed! then you become Helpless.
  • The Wounded state will continue until another character has performed 5 minutes of medical roleplay on you. You may choose to role-play the after effects of a wound after this for as long as you wish.


  • If you are Helpless then you are in considerable pain and must role play this by, at minimum, holding a hand to another part of your body.
  • While Helpless, you cannot move any faster than a stagger.
  • While Helpless, you cannot resist another character. This means that your character is easily knocked to the ground, or that another character can deal a single grievous wound to you (i.e. breaking a limb) by role-playing appropriately and indicating their intent out-of-character.
  • They can also, with appropriate role-playing, bind or gag you and, if they try to move you, you should cooperate with this out-of-character. Any character can free themselves from bonds with *two* minutes of uninterrupted roleplaying.
  • Another character can prevent someone harming a Helpless character by using the Have at you! call - harming or forcibly moving a Helpless character still requires concentration.
  • The Helpless condition persists as long as another character is actively roleplaying with you and preventing you receiving assistance.
  • After thirty minutes of rest, or five minutes of appropriate medical roleplay, you will revert to the Wounded state.
  • You can only be dealt a single grievous wound during a period of helplessness. (This is to prevent a captor declaring, for example, that they have broken all your limbs, and thus they can leave you in a cupboard and you won’t be able to escape once you revert to Wounded.)

Unarmed combat

  • Any character may engage in unarmed combat with another character by calling Have at you! and miming fisticuffs or via light taps with an open palm. This will only cause cosmetic damage which you may physrep appropriately as you decide.
  • It is very hard to kill another character through unarmed physical violence.
  • However, enough people cooperating can finish off a Helpless individual. If five unarmed characters agree that they intend to kill a Helpless one, and no other characters are attempting to prevent them from doing so, they can choose to kill the Helpless character with appropriate roleplaying.

Appropriate Medical Roleplay

  • Some characters will have the ability to perform surgery, medicine or first aid.
  • This is a common Merit that characters can receive based on the background that you submit. Bear in mind that you will only be granted one Merit.
  • Appropriate medical roleplay lasts for 5 minutes.

Killing another Character

  • It is unlikely that many people will have licenses to carry a lethal weapon during Audit Day, and carrying a weapon without a license is a serious crime. (Duelling weapons are available for hire).
  • The legal system looks extremely dimly upon the act of murder and participating in a murder in the closed environment of a Perch is highly likely to result in legal consequences.
  • A character in possession of a larp-safe weapon larger than a small knife, may dispatch a Helpless character with 10 seconds of uninterrupted and obvious role-play.
  • You may, at any point, decide that your character has died from their wounds.
  • Feel free to roleplay your demise in as grandiose a fashion as you please.

Non Contact

Live Action Role-play is a contact hobby. By booking for this event, players agree to take part in safe combat and be struck by LARP-safe weapons. If at any point you personally (not your character) feel uncomfortable with the level of body contact during the game please indicate so to the players around you who will endeavour to resolve the situation in another manner, perhaps by narrating through what is occurring.

  • You may wish to be completely non-contact. In this case you should not play a combat character. If a fight breaks out please clearly indicate that you are non-contact and move away from the fighting.
  • If you are attacked and you judge that you are unable to fight safely for any reason, your character is immediately reduced Helpless unless the people you are role-playing with are happy to narrate action or resolve action in another fashion.
  • You are expected to be the judge of your own levels of safety, but Referees may ask you to refrain from combat if they believe that you are not safe to fight.
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