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Booking and prices

Our next event is A Polite Exchange - an experimental Salon event featuring theatrical duelling - in fight, dance, word play and other styles - alongside fine food, dancing, singing and political and social intrigue.

Venue Details

  • Event date: November 17th 2018
  • Event begins: 1pm Workshops - an integral part of the event - all players are expected to attend
  • Time in late afternoon - around 4pm
  • Time Out: 10pm - we've planned a relatively early time out so those wishing to return to Manchester or York can do so at a reasonable time with an Out-of-character breakfast on the morning of Sunday 6th Nov.
  • Location: Shadwell Village Hall, Shadwell, nr Leeds LS17 8JF

Tickets are £40 standard price and £30 concessions; booking will open in early July

Creating a character

At A Polite Exchange you will be able to play any of the following:

  • Your current Tales out of Anchor character
  • A new Tales out of Anchor character that you create
  • A new Tales out of Anchor character that the game team write for you

Character Creation will open in late July/August and close in September

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