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Event Three Catering

We are pleased to announce we will have Molly of Molly's Vegetarian Catering providing locally made food this year.

She will be catering Friday evening, Saturday buffet lunch and Saturday evening.

Pre-ordering your options.

Menu options:PDF MENU

To ensure you get your preferred choice of food for the Friday and Saturday evening meals please look at the menu attached and email your choices (one for each evening) to NO LATER THAN THE 25th OCT.

  • Please also include your full out-of-character name in case you forget.
  • You do not need to send her your in-character name.

Molly will be keeping a list of requests - simply ask for your meal at the hatch.

We have already supplied Molly with the list of dietary requirements that you gave us when you booked, from which she has produced the options on the menu attached. However, if you have any queries about the evening or lunch meals do contact Molly directly and she will be happy to answer them.

Breakfast, Snacks and other food.

Breakfasts and additional snacks on Saturday and Sunday will be provided by our own on-site crew.

Breakfast for Saturday

- Oat Porridge (Vegan. gf option available) OR Choice of Bran or Cornflakes - with Milk (Dairy, soya, oat) and a selection of toppings. - Blueberry/Rosehip soup will also be available.

Breakfast for Sunday

- Bagels (vegan, gluten-free bagels available) - A selection of spreads - A choice of 2 sausages (vegan) - Eggs - Overnight oats by request.

- Any leftovers from the previous day.

Snacks and other food

- Snacks will include fruit, gyoza, olives, popcorn, etc.

If you have any queries about breakfasts, don't hesitate to contact us at

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