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The Social Contract

We believe that the primary objective of our events is for players to enjoy themselves and to have fun. As crew, we have a clear responsibility to look out for players' safety and provide ways in which you can have as much fun as possible while at the event. However, in return, we also believe that players have an equal responsibility to look out for each other's out-of-character comfort and safety.

LARP is a social hobby. Be excellent to each other.

Event Rules

By booking for this event, players agree to abide by the following event rules:

  1. LRP is a potentially dangerous hobby. Players agree to act in a reasonable and safe manner during the event. Players are responsible for their own safety and safety of those around them.
  2. Players and Crew are to ensure that any pre-existing medical conditions are mentioned on booking forms and mentioned to our first-aiders prior to Time-In.
  3. Firecat Masquerade, or any persons appointed by Firecat Masquerade, cannot be held personally liable for any injury or damage to any individual participating in this event.
  4. Firecat Masquerade cannot be held responsible for any damage to, loss, or theft of any personal or communal property during any event.
  5. Firecat Masquerade reserves the right to refuse admission or participation in any event or part of an event to any individual at any time. The organisers are not obliged to give any reason or explanation for such a decision, but one may be supplied after a request in writing.
  6. Please do not bring pyrotechnic materials without clear consultation with us beforehand.
  7. Don't take the piss.
  8. The organisers will expel any individual engaged in illegal, defamatory, or dangerous practices during the event.
  9. The Referees' decision is final in all disputes.


This game is not suitable for children and participants should be over 16. You may bring babes-in-arms and toddlers to this event, but the following rules apply:

  • To aid parents, we can provide an out-of character quiet room and access to facilities for you to warm milk and baby food. Please be aware that crew are unable to take responsibility for children.
  • If your child is distressed / crying at any point, we may require you to take them quiet room, as it can be very difficult to stay In-Character in these circumstances.
  • Whilst responsible for a child you may not engage in combat and will be automatically considered Non-Contact as described in non_contact
  • It is not possible to harm, kidnap or kill a character's child under the rules of this game. You must not touch another players child without their express permission.


Please note that, in compliance with current legislation, there is no smoking indoors at any event. This includes all buildings and any tents provided by Firecat Masquerade.

Physical Accessibility

We aim to book accessible venues for our games. The majority of the in-character area is wheelchair accessible including the main rooms, toilets and ground floor rooms. If you would like more details or have any particular access needs please contact us directly on


  • We cannot refund any cancellations made past 1/09/17.
  • In the event of a cancellation please email us at
  • To cover costs, a £25 charge is incurred on all cancelled bookings.

Is my ticket transferable?

  • We can transfer tickets to another player up until 1/09/17.
  • We cannot guarantee that we can transfer tickets after this date.
  • To cover costs, a £25 charge is incurred on all transferred bookings.

The Rules of Play

In-Character & Out-of Character

  • There are a number of in-character areas - the majority of the ground floor is in-character, though the kitchen is not. Other out of Character areas will be clearly marked. The toilets are always out-of-character.
  • Please do not enter the kitchen for any reason unless explicitly invited to do so by members of our catering crew.
  • Referees will be identified at the pre-game briefing. Additionally, you can seek out a Swift - the messengers at the Perch - if you have any problems.
  • Anyone with two fingers in the air is invisible and cannot be seen in-character. This is for use by the Crew in order to deploy into areas they cannot access without being seen.

Out Of Character Calls

The following calls are out of character information calls used for safety or organisational purposes:

  • 'Stop the Game' : Shouted when someone is injured Out-Of-character. When you hear this call stop role-playing immediately and remain stationary until instructed otherwise. Please take up the call yourself if you hear it: this ensures that the nearest Ref and any other players have also heard the call.
  • 'Time stop' : Stop role-playing. This call is used to pause the game in order to avoid accidents or dangerous situations, and occasionally to allow Refs to make changes that would be impossible to do in real-time.
  • 'Time in' : Begin/resume role-playing.
  • 'Time out' : Role-playing has ceased for the weekend. Tales out of Anchor is 24-hour time-in - if you are in the in-character area at any point during time-in, you are expected to roleplay your character.

Combat and duelling

This is covered further in Combat and Duelling.


  • If you steal another character's property, you should tell the referees you have done so immediately.
  • Hand in the phys rep as soon as possible, no later than the end of the event.
  • If the player comes to the referees and asks us out of character if this item has been stolen, we will tell them it has, but not who.
  • If the player wants the phys rep back we will ask you to return it to us and give it to the player in a discrete fashion. They must then keep it out of the IC Area.

In-character, Anchor's legal system looks extremely dimly upon the act of theft and being caught participating in theft in the closed environment of a Perch is highly likely to result in legal consequences.

Equality and Diversity

How To Get Help

At events there will always be a representative of Firecat available for people who wish to make a complaint. Outside of events, complaints will be dealt with by Firecat Directors.

Please bring any complaints or issues to this person as soon as possible. Do not remain in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable and do not feel you have to tackle a situation by yourself. We are here to support you.


Sex, Sexuality & Gender

  • References to non-consensual sex or sex with minors MUST be avoided.
  • Please do not make reference to these themes in up-time OR in your character background.
  • Anchor is deliberately gender neutral settings by design. There are no roles, character types, jobs or positions in this setting that are restricted by gender or are stereotyped as belonging to any particular gender. For example; Officers, Doctors, Bureaucrats, Thugs and Skydancers are all equally as likely to be women as they are men. We are not interested in exploring themes of real world gender discrimination, and we want our game to be welcoming to players of all genders.
  • To support this goal, we ask participants to be mindful of their use of language when addressing others. For example, talking about your Skyship's crew as “men”, “lads” or “boys” will make some players feel excluded and does not make sense in a universe where half the crew are not male. We appreciate that the use of gendered language is habitual and everyone makes the odd mistake; but a concerted effort to use appropriate in-character language that fits the setting will improve the game for everyone.

Suicide and Self-Harm

  • While we would prefer these topics don't arise often, there are situations where you may find them mentioned or roleplayed.
  • Please do not role-play these acts in public areas, to avoid potential distress to other players. (See Lines and Veils, below.)

Uncomfortable Situations

We aim to create a environment at our events, by creating a safe space that is enjoyable, accessible to all and free from real world discrimination and prejudice. In order to achieve this, we ask that every participant show respect to others on an out-of-character level, including using appropriate and respectful language at all times. In other words, harassment, bullying or prejudice towards PLAYERS will not be tolerated.

This does NOT apply to participants' characters. However, because different people have different life experiences you cannot always know what someone else may find out-of-character upsetting from an in-character situation. Difficult and challenging role-play experiences can be very rewarding and powerful, but they must not be forced on anyone.

  • You MUST stop a using a particular word, turn of phrase or behaviour if a person has told you that out of character it makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • If people are using words or behaviours that make you feel uncomfortable you can choose to leave the situation, ask them to stop or move away, or a combination of these things. Attendees MUST respect these choices.

In the event of a dispute or difficulty, or if at any point you feel you need support you should come and speak to the Firecat Representative.

Nobody Gets Hurt

We're very aware that Lrp tackles some dark themes, however, we're keen to ensure that no one involved in the game, whether a player or member of the crew, is made to feel unsafe or distressed on an out-of-character level. If at any time, you do feel unsafe or distressed on an out-of-character level, you should call Stop The Game, in which case play will stop in the nearby area and a member of our crew will come along to offer whatever support is required. This is the same call used for physical injury because we believe that OC emotional distress is actual harm similar to OC physical pain and suffering. As a means of promoting everyone's emotional safety and a feeling of support, we will be using a system of lines and veils.

Lines are things that will never be hinted at or brought up in-game; they are off-limits, to all involved. It is not permissible, therefore, to make any reference to, or to attempt to perform roleplay around, the following issues:

  • Sexual assault, sexual coercion and all forms of non-consensual sex;
  • Sex with minors;
  • Miscarriage & stillbirth;
  • Infanticide (i.e. the intentional killing of an infant or toddler;
  • Slut-shaming (i.e. making any person feel guilty or inferior for certain sexual behaviours or desires that deviate from orthodox gender expectations);

Veils are things that can happen in a game, but when it does we skip the details and “fade to black,” putting it behind a veil. Issues behind veils include the following:

  • Self-harm
  • Consensual sexual contact
  • Overt displays of extreme mental illness, especially where portraying such behaviours becomes parody or “Hollywood-style” mental illness

As previously stated, despite these lines and veils, there are many adult themes that we anticipate may occur in Tales out of Anchor, whether introduced by the organisers or by players. The following is not intended as an exhaustive list, but rather to illustrate the point:

  • Torture
  • Killing, including killing older children or old people
  • Love, lust and sexual desire
  • Hallucinations, shock and catatonia
  • Phobias
  • Seduction
  • Suicide (although certain means/methods will potentially need to be behind a veil if they resemble obvious self-harm)

You also need to ensure that your nipples (if female) and genitalia are completely covered.

Certain participants may wish to play the game in a way that is more emotionally-demanding than we would ordinarily expect, pushing emotional buttons much harder than normal, and expecting the same in return. Not everyone wants this from their LRP, so you must personally have explicit permission from the other person (or people) in the scene beforehand, and in those circumstances would be permitted to address issues normally behind a veil or otherwise extremely robust or challenging; people involved can then remove themselves from public view and decide whether and what they feel comfortable physrepping and roleplaying through. If you do not have this explicit permission then please respect our rules on Veils and private scenes and do not engage in this play.

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