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Influence Points and What They Get You

Character Creation

  • You have THREE points to spend. You may put either ONE or TWO points in each Influence selected.
  • You may select Influence in Bureaucracy, Church, Docks, Islanders, Nobility, Skydancers, Underworld or University.
  • For each point, you must indicate whether your influence is KNOWING - your contacts within than group; or DOING- your leverage within it.
  • You cannot put all three points in the same social body.

Briefing Sheets

If you take any Influence in a social body, you will be supplied with information about current affairs within that body and details of other characters in it - you may use these for leverage and information during the event. These are out-of-character documents representing the information you have from familiarity with the social body and you should not let other players read them.


Each point of KNOWING will gain your character a CONTACT - Contacts are characters out in the City of Anchor who like or respect your character enough that they are willing to pull strings for you multiple times over the course of an event. These are represented by a business card for a named character with their address and you may write to them. Details of these NPCs are contained in briefing sheets.


  • Contacts may be used multiple times during the event - but do not carry over between events - addresses may have changed since last you wrote to them. It may be possible to gain additional Contacts in play.
  • Contact cards are IC documents that can be traded or stolen and should be kept carefully - you will not be supplied with more if you lose them! (However, during the hubbub of Audit Day, NPC's are unlikely to respond favourably (if at all) to a player who does not hold them as a Contact unless they are offering something very tempting)
  • Using a Contact is a two-way process - the goodwill of your Contact very much depends on your status with a Social Body - providing relevant information and helping them with their causes is likely to provide better results, whereas repeatedly requesting assistance from them without offering anything in return may damage your reputation with certain social bodies.
  • Contacts can also provide help to you as represented by the KEYWORDS below - you can ask for specific help from a CONTACT by writing to them by Swift and including a KEYWORD and TARGET.

You do not need to include a KEYWORD in a Swift if you don't want to - Contacts are also characters able to supply you with current information and named individuals that you can inform about current events, supplicate to, lobby, bribe, coerce and negotiate with.


When asking a specific favour of the NPC, you can include a KEYWORD and a TARGET - either a MAP REFERENCE or a NAMED CHARACTER - including both is often useful.

Keyword Effect
DONATE The NPC will donate to a named charitable cause on your behalf.
ASSIST MY AUDIT If given enough time, the NPC will pull strings to assist a named target’s Audit score - perhaps by putting in a good word with the Bureaucracy; by sending you a Certificate of Authorisation, or by otherwise influencing Auditors.
PETITION AGAINST If given enough time, the NPC will pull strings to damage a named target's Audit score - perhaps by damaging their status with the Bureaucracy; or by otherwise influencing Auditors.
SEND WORD The NPC will supply, to the best of their knowledge, some information they have about a target. A response usually takes time; so should not be relied upon in a hurry.
PROTECT The NPC will pull strings to protect a single map square or an off-screen NPC. The most usual response is to send a group loyal to the Social Body they represent - (eg. a group of Thugs or a squad of Knights Anchorer) but they might send other assistance where appropriate.
CONGREGATE The NPC will pull strings to cause disruption in a single map square or to an off-screen NPC. The most usual response is to send a group loyal to the Body - (eg. a group of Thugs or a troupe of Entertainers) but they might send other assistance where appropriate.
SPURN The NPC will pull strings to lower a named target's reputation with a social body - it helps if you send gossip about them when calling in this favour.
WELCOME ​The NPC will pull strings to raise a named target's reputation with a social body - it helps if you send praise about them when calling in this favour.

Contacts and Audit

  • Players often use Contacts to smooth their own Audit, or damage the Audit Score of another person.

For Example: Jericho Smalls is trying to get hold of an Annual License he requires to sell wine in the upcoming year - but has just had a particularly unpleasant interview with the Auditors. He could write to his Contact at the Docks with the Keywords “ASSIST MY AUDIT”, so that the senior Auditors might look more favourably on him when they perform the Count in a few hours time.

Alternatively, he could ask some of his friends to write to their contacts to “PETITION AGAINST” rival sommelier Fannish McGee, whom he knows is the only other person in the Perch currently trying to get that RARE Vitner's License. Smalls decides on the second, riskier course of action and instead writes to his Contact to ask them to PROTECT his favourite cellar from the inevitable retribution that McGee will attempt.


For each point of DOING you take, your character will gain an Incidental Licence - a type of document that allows you to exert your influence on the city.

Incidental Licences

Whereas Contacts are about WHO you know - and can supply information and opportunity, Incidental Licences are about WHAT you can do to effect change on the City outside the walls of the Perch.

  • An Incidental Licence can be used four times during the event- once during each Night City and twice during the Day City. It may be possible to gain additional uses in play.
  • The results of your actions may not be immediate and you may find yourself thwarted by the actions of other players.
  • You can use an Incidental Licences by taking it to a Swift, who will sign or stamp it, return it to you, fill in the relevant paperwork; and carry your instructions out to your named Associate in the City. (See below)

The list of the most common Incidental Licences is as follows:

COURIER Allows you to swiftly and discreetly move one object from one map square to another OR off island.
CONGREGATION You have a group under your instruction that you may send to act in a single map square or address. The type of group you have will depend on your influence choices - such as a group of Thugs, a squad of Knights Anchorer or a crew of Skydancers - this is similar to the Knowing Keywords PROTECT/DISRUPT, but is done by a group loyal to you directly and without the knowledge of a Contact.
DEMOLITIONS Allows you to sent work-teams to damage a single block or building on the map.
INVESTIGATOR Allows you to send an investigator to canvas opinion within an area of the map OR to investigate a Lock-up.
LOCK UP This allows you to hide an object or off-screen NPC within a map square in one of Anchor's secure and discreet Lock-ups.
OBSTRUCTION Allows you to obstruct traffic flow in up to three streets within a map square.
PAMPHLETEERING Allows you to distribute pamphlets and information in one map square.
SEWER MAINTENANCE Allows you to cut off the water supply to a single block of building OR to move a group from one map square to another unseen by air via the sewers.
SURVEY This will provide you with an aerial survey of a single map square and give you some idea of what has taken place their recently.


  • Each character also has a known Associate - a named representative who enacts your Incidental Licenses for you.
  • We will supply information about your Associate - they might be a mook in your gang, a Squire who runs your reports, or a trusted advisor to your family.
  • Associates will write to you to tell you the results of your actions and sometimes give reports from out in the City.
  • They are not Contacts, however - and are far too busy organising things for you to engage in lengthy exchanges of Swifts.

“Associates” is currently under development.

Recent Changes - EVENT THREE

Following feedback, we've made some changes to Influence:

  • We are trying out introducing Associates to give opportunities for more feedback on in-game actions.
  • Players now receive briefing sheets no matter what kind of Influence they choose - both KNOWING and DOING will get you a briefing sheet.
  • We've removed FAVOURS entirely - instead we now just have CONTACTS, meaning that Influence: KNOWING is now slightly more powerful than it was previously, but also simpler to use.
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