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The copies of the newspapers issued over the Centennial Audit are now available to read here.

The Gong

Editions of the Gong vary little in style or content. Sponsored by the Bureaucracy but produced at the University, the Gong is published in the morning for the Day City.

The Brayer

The Brayer was traditionally published for the Night City by students. Following the change in editorial style, the editor of the Gong - Daniel Laudman - now prints the underground paper from an unknown location. Possession and Distribution of The Brayer are now illegal and considered an offence worthy of a trial by the Church.

The Anchor Lantern

Upon liberating Botcheridge tower from student and Furybone activists, the Church took a printing press as 'payment'. In no time at all, the new Mouthpiece and her staff set about the production of a new paper for Church matters.


Spring Y100

A further edition of each of these papers with recent events across the Rockery was made available to attendees at the Skydancer Salon -and are now posted here for readers to enjoy.

Autumn Y100

During the Autumn of YJ100, the newly appointed Chief Auditor Pekoe released the following statement to the Citizenry:

Audit Day Y101

The following papers were those available in play during the second event:

The Gong

The Brayer

The Lantern

Post Audit 101

Shortly after the events of the second Audit of the new centur, the following pamphlet was released to all citizens of Anchor

YJ101 - The Water Tower

These papers are those that were circulated at a player event set in the old water tower in Furybone, early in YJ101.

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