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Tales out of Anchor : A Game of Rise & Fall

Setting and Game World

Tales out of Anchor takes place in The Rockery - a scattered network of islands floating in the sky above a wide-open sea. Players are visiting a hostelry on the capital city of Anchor, in order to attend Audit Day - the day on which every citizen's papers are checked; licenses are given and names are registered. Citizens are watched by agents of the Bureaucracy - the monolith government which rules Anchor; and order is kept by the Knights Anchorer - a police force in service of the Church.

Here, you can read more about the world which your characters inhabit:

Audit DayThe day on which the game is set - when the world is turned up-side down, when licenses are granted and papers are stamped.
The RockeryThe world in which the game is set - a network of islands floating in the mist-soaked sky.
The City The capital city of Anchor - seven districts, one island; a thousand stories.
History An extensive history of the Rockery from the days of Feudal Nobles to the recent city riots.
Power in Anchor A number of groups operate in the Rockery who can be called upon for favours or may ask favours of you.
Look & Feel A .pdf explaining the look and feel of costume for Anchor, where Regency Europe meets 1930's Shanghai.

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