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Songs out of Anchor

Here is an index of songs which have been written or filked for the Anchor setting whether by crew or players. Some of these songs will be widespread across the Rockery, some may be sung or known by only certain groups, whether cultural (e.g. Skydancers) or political. While we provide all of them here for your amusement, and it is feasible that everyone will have heard these songs at least once, during the game consider what your character's opinions are of the songs? Will they enjoy them, despise them, know them or not?

This page will be added to with any new In Game songs as and when time allows.

Photograph: by Tom Garnett


Daily Cup

Sung by Bureaucrats across Anchor (and beyond) a lively little drinking song. IC 'traditional'

  • Original words and tune by Linette Lyrics
  • Awaiting Recording

Papers Please

Officially branded a seditious song, currently banned by the Department of Necessary Artistic Expression. Popular due to the ease with which it can be added to by the audience. IC Written and sung by notorious fugitive, Roberto Delano,

Jacket So Blue

On the dangers of falling in love with a sailor…

Lizzy Loved a Skydancer

On the dangers of falling in love with a skydancer…

Rice and Roses

A new composition, believed to be sung first at last Audit Day


Based on 'Anchor' by John Tibbs (we liked the title!)

Bonnyread's Gondoliers

A shanty about a Sky Pirate

Three Ships

THREE SHIPS. (Song, trad.) Variously recorded as “Three Ships”, “Out through the Grey”, or “Lady Mary and the Hasty Maiden”, this shanty tells a version of the story of the capture of the Hasty Maiden - generally acknowledged as the first true pirate skyship - by the military airship the Lady Mary. Other than the names of the ships involved the story is almost entirely fiction, but retains the all-important moral centre of the original incident, viz. that piracy will be dealt with swiftly and terminally. The tune probably is as old as the song claims to be; the lyrics, however, are a relatively recent adaptation from a lost original - it has been adopted as a DoMP shanty and portrays the Lady Mary and the Liberty as DoMP vessels (e.g. the ships being out of Port Cardinal and the reference to “the gentlemen in blue”) even though the DoMP was not founded until generations after the events described. In form it is a standard call-and-response shanty, with the bracketed lines repeated as a refrain in every verse.


Ain't No Worms

Heretical song, banned on Anchor but popular amongst some of the outlying Skydancers, especially those who rarely set foot on land.

  • Lyrics by Linette
  • Credits: This song is based on a Gospel song Ain't no Grave attributed to Claude Ely in 1930. For more information on his work, visit his official website
  • Awaiting recording

Whip Jamboree (the Landsman song)

Shackle Girls

Haul Away Joe

Seven Yellow Dancers


Bring Me A Boat

A charming island love song from the outlying but close together islands where an airship or balloon used for short hops is still colloquially called a boat. IC traditional, OC Words by Linette.

White Squall

Unknown origin, may be Skydancer, may be Islander. It is occasionally also heard on the DoMP ships. It sings of those who venture into the edges of the Rockery where the cloud is thicker and wilder. IC traditional OC lyrics by Linette.

Credits: Based on the song of the same name by Stan Rogers, a Canadian folk singer. His work is available from

Shackle's Lament

As the name suggests, a song sung by Shackle immigrants and their descendants about their homesickness and the difficulties of making a life on Anchor as a new arrival. IC traditional OC lyrics by Liam Based of the song “Paddy's Lamentation” as sung by Linda Thompson

Ricarda Spens

Documenting the tragic tale of one of the many DoMP ships and Knights Anchorer squadrons that have sailed to Hook. IC author unknown/traditional OC lyrics by Linette. Based off the song Sir Patrick Spens (as sung by Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer). Lyrics. Youtube link

The Lighthouse's Tale

A melancholy but hopeful song sung on Clamp about their most famous landmark. IC traditional OC lyrics by Linette. Based on the song of the same name by Nickel Creek. IC Lyrics. Youtube link CW for original lyrics - suicide.

The Terror of Island 82

The Dangers of Fishing…

Lyrics by Liam

Songs of the Faithful

Oh Anchorer

Sung across the Rockery but particularly popular on Shackle and sung during lamplighting. IC traditional OC lyrics by Linette based on Amazing Grace.

Light the Lamps

For Those in Peril in the Grey

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