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Swifts - Anchor's Messenger Service

Swifts occupy an OOC role as well as an IC one - they are your point of contact for exerting influence on the city outside the Perch. You should direct questions about the game or the game world to Swifts, who will do their best to find out the answer for you. They also carry messages and other IC documents for the player base.

  • Swifts can be recognised by their badges or sashes.
  • Swifts are sworn to be neutral and impartial - they DO NOT work for the Bureaucracy - though they are subject to its whims.
  • They are not infallible, but where mistakes are made, they will strive to see them corrected to the best of their ability.
  • They cannot be bribed and can be trusted to carry your messages faithfully. As such, you should not attempt to bribe Swifts, or to forge Swift's signatures or stamps on any documents - IC, your character will be confident that the Swift office's ruthless attention to detail will see through your deception in a heartbeat. Equally, you should avoid masquerading as a Swift - NPC Swifts will be introduced at the beginning of the game.
  • Players may wish to play Swifts, and this is possible, but they will be considered 'off-duty' for the duration of the event as they are awaiting Audit. Swifts who are working during Audit Day have been pre-audited so are not required to stay at the auditing station.

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