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Tuesday 19th Jan, 7pm – 11pm
The Dukebox Theater, Waterloo Street, Hove

“What are we going to play?”
In 2016, Firecat Masquerade will be running a game each month.
In January, we talk about some of the things we have planned this year and hear your ideas.
Drop in and see us! Bring boardgames or cardgames that you enjoy.
If you’re interested in what we’re doing and would like to know more, the Socials are a great way to find out about what we do and the kind of social games we run.
Cost: Free. (Donations for future games gratefully accepted.)
Part of Firecat Maquerade’s ‘Eleven Tales of Intrigue‘ project – a live game every month!
‘Eleven Tales of Intrigue’ : Every month throughout 2016, Firecat Masquerade brings you a different tale of intrigue, treachery, investigation and negotiation. Hosted by the Dukebox Theatre, these experimental social games are lightweight, suitable for ages 18+ and last 2-3 hours.
You are heartily encouraged to bring your friends,
make new ones, build teams, build rivalries and Play.
For more details, visit:
- Firecat Masquerade:
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