Poker Night at the Inferno

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poker_night_at_the_infernoA very cordial welcome to you from the Inferno! We at the Inferno pride ourselves on possessing the most exclusive, the most select, and the most neutral poker tables in this or any other reality. At our game, you can confidently gamble your money – or, if you should happen to possess any, more exotic commodities – in comfort and security.

You are receiving this letter because the House have become aware that you have come into possession of an item that we feel would make a exciting addition to the stakes at our table. We would like to invite you to attend our upcoming poker night, on Saturday 5th September, accessible via the back room of the Iron Duke pub in Brighton.

We eagerly await the pleasure of your company.

—- Poker Night At The Inferno is an event for up to thirty participants. Wager years from your life, ultimate arcane power, or just cold, hard cash against sorcerers, demons and stranger things still. What will you risk to get ahead?

We’d love to see you there!

If you’ve read this and are already excited to join us, you can Book Here

or find more information via Facebook.

5th September, 2015.    Tickets: £5 Doors open: 6:30pm. Time In: 7pm – 10:30pm

The Dukebox Theater is situated in The Iron Duke pub in Hove. Participants can feel free to buy drinks at the bar whenever they please.

You can book tickets on the door, but there are just 30 places – so you may want to book early to avoid disappointment!

If you’re curious for more details, then you can read in advance a full Introduction to the Inferno: penned by your generous hosts. Players will be provided with a copy of this on the night.

Or if this talk of sorcerers, demons and stranger things has you interested in playing a more complicated character, then you can read about how you could play one of the Inferno’s less mundane clientele.