Project Snowflake Playtest


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Project Snowflake Playtest


1.1 – An international armed conflict has commenced and a state of imminent nuclear catastrophe has been declared.

1.2 – The SNOWFLAKE protocols dictating procedure to be followed in the event of emergency have been enacted.

1.3 – As the part of the Emergency Cabinet selected by SNOWFLAKE to orchestrate the country’s defences in this time of need, you have been airlifted to a War Room constructed by SNOWFLAKE in a secret location.

1.4 – You will need to cooperate with the other four members of your Cabinet in order to ensure our nation’s continued existence and prosperity in the world that emerges from this conflict.

Project Snowflake is a regular interactive game where teams of 5 players take the roles of vital characters in a War Room drama, set during a nuclear arms race. Will you favour the sage advice of your Engineer or are you going to throw every resource you have at your General in the hope of wiping the opposition off the map? Is your Industrialist secretly planning to win the Embezzlement Award, or does your Spy have extra information that they can’t share?

Our initial playtest for Project Snowflake will run at the Dukebox in Hove, on Thursday 19th of March – come and join us to try the game and offer ideas on how we could develop it further.    

Doors open at 7pm for teams to collect packs and the game will start promptly at 7:30pm.

The playtest will cost just £2 to attend.  We’d love to see lots of you there.

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