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Saturday 6th August, 5pm – 9pm
The Dukebox Theater, Waterloo Street, Hove

  Representatives of Femto!, Boazerlink, Morley-Fletcher and Redwood manage a nuclear arms-race from within the Snowflake Facility..

Project Snowflake is an interactive game where teams of 5 players take the roles of vital characters in a War Room drama, set during a nuclear arms race.

A game for Teams of 5 Players. Cost: £8 each.

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Part of ‘Eleven Tales of Intrigue‘ : Every month throughout 2016, Firecat Masquerade brings you a different tale of intrigue, treachery, investigation and negotiation. Hosted by the Dukebox Theatre, these experimental social games are lightweight, suitable for ages 18+ and last 2-3 hours.

We heartily encourage you to bring your friends, make new ones, build teams, build rivalries & Play.

For more details, visit:
– Firecat Masquerade:
- Facebook:


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