Tales out of Anchor Salon: The Skydancer Winter Festival


Posted on January 22, 2015 by


With the gathering of Spring and the releasing of the winter cold, the Children of the Sky gather as one.

We meet at the turn of the seasons to celebrate our year of good fortune. Skydancers and Dirt Dwellers alike join together in a secret location to thank the ancestors for their aid and ensure good luck for the year to come.

So join us in an exaltation of our culture, our trade and our unity, and witness the coronation of She who Dances in the Frozen Crown: our great secret and our only hope.

March 13th – 15th 2015
Beverley Priory YHA
Tickets £40 – fully catered.

The Skydancer Winter Salon is a player-organised event set in the world of
Tales out of Anchor: A Game of Rise and Fall.

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