Amnesia is a tense, immersive supernatural drama designed for a medium sized room and between 5 -25 people.

A battered wooden door covered in graffiti

Guests take the part of amnesiacs who have to solve a number of mysteries before the time runs out.  This game is suitable for a grown-up dinner with a twist, a surprise party or a Halloween event. Amnesia can run in any space where there is a private room – we can even bring Amnesia to your house.


We can modify Amnesia to fit the specific theme and mood of your event – so send us details and we can start work.

Amnesia – who are you?

the words who am I written in scratchy pen

You breathe out. You open your eyes. Faces that seem vaguely familiar look back at you.

The end of the world is nigh. You were meant to do something very, very important. But you can only remember your own name.

Over the course of two hours some memories filter back to you. You need to put them together in the right order, find all the clues and make sense of what is around you.

Who are these other people?

Why are you trapped in a room together?

Who can you trust?

Find out if you are a hero or a villain. Join with others to discover your secret mission and decide the fate of the world. But remember, the clock is ticking….

Feedback on Amnesia

Fantastic! Thank you so much.


Amazing, thank you! (Team Evil demands a rematch).

From attendees at our game premiere in August 2014 at Nine Worlds

Booking and Prices

Amnesia starts from £150 for a two hour game. We can run multiple games with a break in between.

We bring everything that is needed in order to run Amnesia. All you need to provide for us is a private room large enough to contain all your guests and around 30 minutes of set-up time.

Contact us to discuss your event and budget.