Gabriel’s House of Curiosities

Gabriel’s House of Curiosities.

Gabriel’s House of Curiosities is a darkly comic, interactive act designed for a small space with plenty of traffic.  Guests are invited to talk with a most unusual family, discovering mysterious objects, creepy curios and strange relations.
An ideal act for getting people moving between locations in a venue, particularly suitable for quiet corridors, staircases or entryways.
We style this act around the specific theme and mood of your event – so send us details and we can start work.

Gabriel’s House of Curiosities is a Victorian travelling sideshow – run by the irrepressible siblings: Michael, Henry and Kensington Gabriel. Founded by Mr. Harry Gabriel, Esq., GHoC scours the country for the strange and the wonderful, bringing their exhibits to the paying public and spinning fantastical yarns about them. Together with Baby George; Harry, Mickey and Ken are now keen to tell you all about their family as well, in Kind Hearts & Carnivals.


Kind Hearts and Carnivals

In the wake of the death of Great Uncle Charlie, the family Gabriel have the Last Will & Testament to Charlie’s massive fortune; and one sticky problem: With a boat-load of deceased relatives, Charlie wanted to see his family flourish and so his fortune will only be released to the branch of his kin that can prove that they are the largest and happiest family.

To this end, Harry, Mickey and Ken have brought everything they need to expand their family tree – armed with nothing but their sideshow exhibits, some fine looking paper work and an armful of fake beards, they will prove how extensive the Gabriel family can be – guests will be shown the Curiosities on display and discover how your own long-lost relatives are part of the sprawling Gabriel clan.

The race is on – Are you willing to become part of the family?


Gabriel’s House of Curiosities starts from £300 for three 30 minute slots. Contact us to discuss your event and budget: