Playing games in the Summer?


Posted on August 10, 2015 by

Looking out of the window and seeing the rain beat against the glass puts us in the mood to stay indoors. We’ve been working on a game for you all in the charming seaside setting of Brighton.

Join us to gamble your life away at the greatest house in any
dimension – The Inferno – on Saturday 5th September.

More details here.

On that note, thank-you to everybody who turned up to play Project Snowflake – a game about corporations trying to out-maneuver each other in the theater of nuclear war.  It was delightfully well received and has given us the drive to run more events like this.

Finally, we’re all at work on Tales our of Anchor, still – which runs 5th-7th Feb, 2016.  We’re up to our eyebrows in rules edits and plot-writing, and are producing new content for everybody very soon.  You can book your tickets Here – booking will close in mid-December.

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