SantaCorp – Can YOU ensure the children get their toys?


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SANTACORPAn immersive team game by Firecat Masquerade.  Can you outwit your supervisors to ensure the children of the world get their toys?

Sat 3rd Dec. 5pm – 7pm
The Dukebox Theater,
Waterloo Street, Hove

Check the list. Check it twice.
SantaCorp is coming to town.

Santacorp is an irreverent and satirical take on festive holiday-mania, coupled with a scathing takedown of corporate culture. In this immersive team game, players take the part of minimum-wage elves in the bureaucratic nightmare that is Santa’s Grotto, battling red tape and the toxic aspirations of the North Pole’s profit-obsessed Senior Board to make sure that children get toys.

In Santacorp, teams of players must work together, puzzling over the details of the Naughty and Nice Dossiers to make sure that the presents are wrapped, addressed to the right children, and delivered on time. All the while Firecat Masquerade’s crew, playing their red-and-white-clad supervisors, do their utmost to distract them from the task with the introduction of ever more byzantine regulations, branding missions, and team bonding exercises.

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SantaCorp concludes 2016’s ‘Eleven Tales of Intrigue’ series. Every month throughout 2016, Firecat Masquerade brings you a different tale of intrigue, treachery, investigation and negotiation.

Hosted by the Dukebox Theatre, these experimental social games are lightweight, suitable for ages 16+ and last 2-3 hours. You are heartily encouraged to bring your friends, make new ones, build teams, build rivalries and Play.

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