Tales out of Anchor 3: The Winds of Change


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Booking for “Tales out of Anchor Three: The Winds of Change” opens on March 1st.

Photo by Tom Garnett, Jan 2017

There are very few things that leading figures in many of the power blocs that control life in the Rockery agree on. One is that change is usually universally bad – if it must happen, then it should be initiated by, controlled by and ultimately benefit them especially.

There are eight such powers – maneuvering, scheming, gathering strength, whispering behind closed doors. When such winds blow in different directions, they tear each other apart and barely a breeze is felt. If some of them align, there is no telling the strength or direction of the tempest to come.

Will you brace yourselves against the winds of fortune, or ride the whirlwind?
When the storm settles, where will you be and who will be with you?

Only Audit Day can answer these questions.

Be There. Be Ready.

Tales out of Anchor is a Freeform Live-Action Role Playing game, emphasising costume and theatricality. It is a rules-lite game, with low character death and high Player-versus-Player conflict, as characters strive to obtain and keep status in the floating city of Anchor.

It is a fully-catered event with indoor accommodation, running a 24-hour Time-In experience.

We are very pleased to announce that booking for Event 3 will open on
Wednesday 1/3/17, at 6pm.

Tickets will be available through Eventbrite.

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